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Why to Undergo Alcoholism Therapy in the USA?

Why to Treat Alcoholism Therapy in the USAAmerica is one of the most progressive countries in the world. This also applies to such an important area as medicine. It is here that new techniques, technologies and medicines are being developed. Thus, the 12 Step treatment program originates from the States. It is distinguished by the highest possible efficiency due to the consistent work in stages.

In America, the problem of drug addiction is quite acute. Americans have been working on its solution for many years. For example, over the past 30 years, approaches to addiction treatment in the United States have changed a lot, and this experience can be useful in many ways. It has its own, special method of treating addictions. The addict is not only helped in relieving the physical and mental side of the problem, but also contributes to the solution of other tasks (for example, related to employment).

According to reviews of drug addiction treatment in the United States, therapy here is highly effective, that is, it is a real opportunity to overcome even deep addiction. It is also expensive, many people take out online payday loans Illinois to cover this expensive (we will define some of rates below). This payday option is available for many people even suffering such a disorder. Moreover, it takes less than 24 business hours to apply and get deposited. In any case you will be approved hassle-free for the amount you need. Payday lending online deprives you of visiting any stores to apply for a loan.

American drug treatment clinics are characterized by high quality standards of services provided, the availability of the most advanced equipment and effective medicines. A drug or alcohol addict receives individual treatment here, including medication, psychiatric, group therapy, etc. Group therapy in the treatment of drug and alcohol addicts is becoming so effective that it spread from here all over the world.

Testing for addiction in the United States begins at school age, which pays off in preventing the problem from getting worse. According to statistics, the most dynamic category of addicts today are adolescents aged about 13.

Rehabilitation in American centers takes place 24/7. The treatment program is worked out by highly qualified certified specialists, which guarantees the maximum success of the treatment. The patient here receives comprehensive narcological, psychological, social assistance and the information he needs in the future, as well as the skills to overcome addiction and achieve personal growth.

The alcohol and drug addiction treatment program in the United States usually offers new opportunities for resocialization as well. So, the patient can improve his level of American English, get acquainted with medical tourists from different parts of the world.

The rehabilitation course is based on mutual support of patients, their understanding of moods and attitudes within the group, and therefore includes communication, mutual assistance, and presupposes openness with each other. However, the language barrier can sometimes become an obstacle complicating therapy, especially the rehabilitation process itself. As a rule, a drug treatment clinic in the United States is located outside the city, mostly mansions with a large territory. Access here is limited. Often, these centers are located far from residential areas, in secluded places, because patients need peace. Patients stay here for a fairly long period of time – mainly from 6 months to a year.

Modern methods of treating alcoholism in the USA

Treatment for alcoholism in the United States takes several forms. So, there are such options: go to a private rehabilitation center or to a federal closed clinic. Hospitalization is compulsory. There, a person needs several days of detoxification (for an organism poisoned with alcohol), it is given vitamins according to the therapy regimen, sedatives, etc. In addition, they resort to psychotherapy (group or individual).

Treatment of alcoholism includes 2 main stages:

  • relief of acute alcoholic disorders;
  • anti-relapse therapy.

Many programs use such progressive methods as:

  • genetic testing;
  • brain building techniques;
  • “12 steps”.

Thus, the most important component of addiction treatment in America is group psychotherapy, including AA. Alcoholics Anonymous is a special 12-step program based on the idea of ​​“help yourself”. The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are positive religious affirmations. Alcoholics Anonymous works like this: a group of addicts or addicts gets together. In a conversation, they discuss difficulties, share anxiety, trying to help colleagues, which becomes a unique group psychotherapy for all participants.

Best drug treatment centers in the USA

Drug addiction treatment abroad involves contacting real professionals in their field in the best clinics specializing in this profile. These are, in particular, such institutions as:

  • rehabilitation center “Genesis Life”;
  • drug treatment clinic Renaissance;
  • “Healthy Generation” clinic.

The cost of drug and alcohol addiction treatment in the USA

The cost of drug addiction treatment is strictly individual, because each case is unique and requires a individual action program, the selection of the necessary therapy methods and drugs. Here are the approximate prices for the course components:

  • outpatient detoxification – about $1,500;
  • inpatient rehabilitation – $ 20,000;
  • outpatient rehabilitation (3-month course) – $ 5,000;
  • drug therapy (per year) – $ 1,000-3,000.

The minimum course of therapy is one month. Full rehabilitation takes 6 months or more, taking into account the severity of the addiction. According to statistics, about 70% of those who have undergone treatment have a stable remission and successfully pay online loans back.

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