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Daily Reflections

Daily ReflectionsDaily Reflections is a collection of 366 inspirational messages about living sober through Alcoholics Anonymous.

The text of Daily Reflections is not the truth of the last resort, but the reader should keep in mind that they were written by the recovering alcoholics with different periods of sobriety in order to try to practically help people who are sometimes in a bind.

This publication was prepared on the recommendation of the 1987 A.A.General Services Conference in connection with the long-overdue need of the Commonwealth for a collection of thoughts for each day of the calendar year.

The top of each dated page has a quote from sources such as Alcoholics Anonymous, The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, A.A. Matures, How Bill Sees It, Bill’s Best Articles, Dr. Bob and Glorious Veterans, as well as from other publications approved by the A.A. Conference.

Each quote is followed by a personal reflection of one of the A.A. members related to that quote. In response to an appeal to the entire Commonwealth, over 1300 responses were received. The members of A.A., whose thoughts are included in the collection, are not professional writers and speak not on behalf of the Commonwealth but only on their own. Just one A.A. member shares his or her experience with others.

The book focuses on the three legacies of A.A.: Recovery, Unity, Service.

Its content is consistent with the Preamble of A.A., which states that “the Commonwealth of AA is not associated with any sect, religion, political organization or institution.”

In the preface to the book, “How Bill Sees It,” the author expresses the hope that his work “will help A.A. members in their individual thoughts, stimulate discussion in groups and… contribute to the even greater popularity of all Commonwealth literature.” There are no more appropriate words to introduce readers to the Daily Reflections book.